Acid Rain

Prevention of Acid rain is very important for the future of our environment. Since acid rain is caused mainly by the emission of sulphur dioxide from coal-fired power plants. There are a number of preventions, including: switching fuel sources to natural gas, oil, or renewable energy sources; switching to low-sulphur coal; removing the sulphur from the coal before burning; using fluidised-bed combustion processes to burn the coal; and removing the sulphur from the smoke stack after combustion through the installation of pollution control equipment. Other prevention methods are catalytic converters, road traffic restrictions, and equalising acidity in affected water systems by using powdered limestone and reduction in the sulphur content of fuels. Things you could do in the community to prevent are protest against the use of coal fire in industry, walking more and driving less, buy fuel efficient cars or alternative fuel powered vehicles and head community campaigns promoting awareness of the issue.


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